Thursday, August 20, 2009

Care For Your Dress

Care For Your Dress

Plus size dresses are today available aplenty in stores catering for plus size dresses. Understanding the need for plus size women needing new designs and dresses has led to a plethora of plus size dresses in the market of different materials, sizes and designs. It is up to you to choose the right plus size dress for yourself, and then care for it to get the most of it.

Today plus size dresses are available in numerous styles and fabrics that make plus size women feel really attractive. However it is necessary to know how to hand wash and care for the dresses to have a beautiful wardrobe. The washing machine is a great means of getting plus size dresses into pieces while some plus sizes have to be hand washed to remain in shape. So to make your wardrobe last and look longer, wash all fragile items gently, by hand.

The plus sized clothing that has to be hand washed includes lingerie like silk, satin and lace bras and undergarments. Silk clothes are usually thin, and are not usually colorfast. This is why its color may run when washed with other clothes. Though satin clothes may retain its color, it tends to get pilly when washed in a washing machine. In the case of lace clothing, there is a tendency of lace clothing getting caught on other clothing and tearing. This is why handmade lace has to be hand washed for added protection so that you can take great care of expensive handmade lace.

It is always better to read the clothing care labels of the plus size dresses you buy. Read the labels carefully and follow whatever instructions found here. So if you find a label that states ‘hand wash in cool water’ all you have to do is to gather the hand washable plus size dresses and sort them by color.

Then the bright and strong colored plus size dresses have to be washed separately. It is better to start with the whites or the light colored dresses by placing them in a sink that is full of cool water. Squeeze about a teaspoon of gentle detergent in the water and then sud the clothes using hands. It is okay to add a drop of detergent to the strongly stained areas by rubbing the spot gently with fingers. However, remember to never twist of wring delicate clothing as the material only gets spoiled in the process.

After washing the clothes, rinse them in cool water and then squeeze gently to get rid of water. The bras and other lightweight garments have to be hung to dry while the heavier clothing like cashmere sweaters have to be shaped by your hands and laid flat on thick towels to dry. However it may be needed to change the towels used for drying, once or twice. And then once the garments are nearly dry, you just have to hang them out in the air, to get rid of all remaining dampness in the dress.

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