Saturday, September 26, 2009

Why do you like fashion so much

Why do you like fashion so much?"

I was asked this question by one of my engineer friends at the university I go to. “Why do women love clothes and shoes so much?” was written all over his expression when he asked me. I replied, “My idea of fashion is not all about the clothes and the makeup, but the excitement and energy that the industry gives off. You see, it’s not just “stuff”.”

I study at a university that has more students majoring in science than any other department, so you can tell that I sometimes (more like all the time) get these kind of questions. I think fashion is exciting for the same reason why engineers are eager when they make better robots and develop faster computers or scientists that are delighted to know that they have a new lead to cure a disease.

Think of all the hard work they do, the impossible people they have to collaborate with, the time spent and finally BOOM! they have one of the best search engines online or a new piece of evidence why brain cells work the way they do. And it all started out with an idea to innovate something, to create something great.

The same goes for fashion. The tremendous thought the designers put into their clothes, models perfecting their struts and poses, photographers taking beautiful pictures, magazines that contribute by putting it in front of customers, and the manufacturers and hair and makeup artists: everybody comes together just to make something a reality. Whether a whole line of clothes or even just one shoe, so many people work hard to make it happen and that’s what I love about fashion.

And fashion isn’t just something girls like, it’s not as silly and insignificant as many people are made to think. I defend the industry because it’s one of the biggest in the market and it supplies thousands of people with jobs. This all helps the economy through the good times and the bad. The fashion industry also donates tons of money to help people around the world.

Fashion is really something. The industry is powerful, influencing, economic, and full of energy which is why I love it so much. I’m not saying scientists and engineers or whoever are boring or worthless either. What I’m trying to say is that I carry the same passion they do except in a different field. And there’s truly nothing wrong with that, as long as you enjoy what you do.


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