Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tokyo Girls Collection

FTV brings you straight from Tokyo Japan one of the most fashionable occasions of the world - Tokyo Girls Collection

Twice a year, Japan celebrates fashion. Since 2005 the Tokyo Girls Collection (TGC) exposés a unique mix of Tokyo street fashion and music. The models who participate in the event are well known from Japanese fashion magazines. Beside the fashion show, at each Tokyo Girls Collection show a new Miss Tokyo Girl is crowned.

Unlike other fashion events, not only designers and buyers can enter the Tokyo Girls event. The general public is also welcome to enjoy the show and afterwards purchase some of the clothes donated by the models. The show typically attracts crowd of over 22, 000 people.

In case you are not in Japan at the moment, with Fashiontv you get the chance to experience the glamour and style of the Tokyo Girls Collection show. On September 5th, FTV broadcast LIVE from the Tokyo Girls Collection. During this week you will be able to watch the live show again from the famous Japanese fashion event.


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