Wednesday, October 7, 2009



Destiny alone never speak for itself..yet the shaping and moulding of our own destiny is what 'Destiny' is.Life is a game,but its sometimes not fair,some hearts are broken,some dreams shattered,some destiny's stacked away,but we have to keep on living,and live to see how the story ends.Our life is a story,and everyone ought to have a happy ending,but we should have the wisdom to look for it and to look at it.

My story is a very complicated one,but im still surviving and with God's willing..i will live on,and focus on my vivid and exciting life.As a matter of fact,i call this new perception of mine as a new system of reconciliation.Ive projected my thoughts into my lucid conscience and rather let it guide me.

My interest in fashion doesn't make me different in anyway,but it boost up my confidence level,and my mental wave length might not be stretched far and wide,but i believe in what i can do and what i can create.Fashion keeps me satisfied while i aint satisfied in anything.Its my best friend and my beautifullest way of portraying things in my own way.Props to all the fashion lovers out create a Heaven on Earth..Cheers everyone


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