Thursday, November 5, 2009

Look Like A Bond Girl

Look Like A Bond Girl

Bond movies are sure to bring out your inner Bond Girl—and so is this list of makeup and style tips, which take their cues from Olga Kurylenk, the latest actress to join the 007 elite. In order to get a leading man’s attention in real life, you don’t necessarily need to be more beautiful or more buxom than the next woman; it’s really a matter of emphasizing these dangerously sexy assets. Try on Bond girl makeup in our virtual makeup studio.

Dangerously Sexy Bond Girl Hair

To achieve the quintessential Bond Girl look—whether your hair is short or long—add a set of extra-large Velcro rollers to your beauty arsenal. They add just the right amount of body and bounce if you leave them in for 15 minutes. Hit each ribbon of hair with a blast of hot air, followed by a shot of cold air, for ultimate shine. An ionic blowdryer will seal the cuticle shut so the hair looks even glossier. After removing the curlers, shake your hair upside down and throw it back, letting it fall over one eye in flirty, peek-a-boo fashion. If you have fine strands, back comb them at the root for extra volume. Tote hairspray in your bag and spritz it on your hands, not directly on the hair, to maintain luscious locks all night.

Dangerously Lush Bond Girl Eyelashes

To achieve look-at-moi fringe à la Olga Kurylenko, Quantum Solace's latest Bond Girl, apply a few individual lashes at the outer corner of each eye. Don’t be afraid to reuse them: Gently pull them off, lay them down on their plastic packaging—a supermarket club card also works—and swab them with a Q-tip doused in eye makeup remover. A temporary tint is a great option for occasions when you know you’ll be waking up next to him. The quickie treatment last two to three days and is ideal for fair haired gals who crave stay-put definition.

Dangerously Kissable Bond Girl Lips

What would James Bond's female co-star be without a pink, pillowy pout? Bond Girls keep their kissers moist with a hydrating balm and they avoid cigarettes, known to cause creases around the mouth. Make lipstick and liner last by first applying foundation and translucent powder to bare lips, and create definition by drawing just outside the lines with a flesh-toned concealer pencil. A dab of gloss placed on the center of the lower lip offers a dewy, delectable finish. In fact, a chocolate flavored gloss will make your kisses even more irresistible.

Dangerously Sexy Bond Girl Stilettos

Think of stilettos (Latin for “slender daggers”) as stealth weapons of mass seduction— they make your legs appear longer, thrust the hips forward and put the swing in your backyard. Bonus points: They work your core muscles to make you stand up straighter, so you command attention in any crowd (the best spies never go unnoticed). It’s easier to strut your stuff when you’re not hobbled with discomfort, so tailor the inside of the shoe like you would a suit. Dr. Scholl’s For Her gel insoles are handy little inventions that cushion your tootsies—very smart for big dates that require prolonged periods of standing or dancing.

Dangeroulsy Come-Hither Bond Girl Clothes

When you want to arouse a man’s interest, choose the color of your clothing strategically. Tomato red is magnetic: Just looking at it causes the body to release the hormone epinephrine, so he unconsciously finds himself in a state of excitement. Teal or pink are actually turn-offs—and the combination of the two tends to cheapen a woman’s look (and Bond Girls never look cheap). Reach for rouge, or even coral, when you want to stand out in a sea of little black dresses, and invest in luxe, touchable materials. A soft cashmere wrap or sweater begs to be caressed, and a silk blouse has an ultrasensuous liquid texture that’s at once tempting and tasteful. --Stephanie Simons


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