Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ponytail Hairstyles

Ponytail Hairstyles Arent Just for Bad Hair Days Anymore

Ponytail Hairstyles
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Oh yes, we all have a bad hair day now and then, and if your hair is long enough, it is super easy to just throw it all back into a ponytail. But the starlets of Tinseltown are proving time and time again that a ponytail doesn’t have to be a grungy day, as ponytails are being spotted all over the red carpet in Hollywood. This just proves that you can get away with second day hair and still light up any formal event, while saving you some precious time for the real fun at any main event you are attending. And when you are getting ready for a big night, time is definitely something you want on your side. Take a look at the three top ponytails being spotted all over the premieres and galas at Tinseltown’s hottest red carpet events. You can achieve these looks too, a sexy or sleek ponytail is the simplest beauty secret there is to know.

1. The No Muss No Fuss Pony -- Daneel Harris is one that likes to pull this one off for uber glam. She pulls her ponytail back with a super messy look and brings some bangs in the front for a very pretty face framing look. For this look, you don’t want to care *too much* when you are pulling it together. The key really is in the mess. Sit your pony nice and low, and if you have a layered cut let those flyaways fly away. Curl them softly with a narrow curling iron for a sexy formal no muss ponytail.


2. The Sleek Look – The sleek and sexy ponytail is one that has been seen on everyone from Drew Barrymore to Tori Spelling, and every starlet with medium length hair in between. This is a ponytail with a sleek edge giving you just enough formal to top off your gown. The ponytail is pulled and pinned very low and this gives your pony a much more elegant look with wavy side-swept bangs. Curl your bangs first to achieve the wavy look, and then comb them back with a fine tooth comb to get the sleek factor. Pin with a bobby pin sprayed with some hairspray and you got yourself a sleek ponytail. Spritz on some shining mist to give a little extra gloss and glam.


3. The High Pony – The high pony is a timeless look that starlets such as Jordana Brewster and Christina Milian love to bring to the red carpet. This ponytail sits nice and high on your crown and accentuates your gorgeous features. Curl your hair in long loose waves with a wide curling iron. Tease the crown just ever so slightly and then pull hair back into a pony. This is a fun look for a night on the town or an afternoon at the mall.


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