Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Holiday hair and make-up

How to do holiday hair and make-up

Protect your skin Sunscreen is a must. I live in Australia so I’m used to thinking about the sun and its effects. When you’re buying make-up look for foundations with SPF already in them. Mineral make-up is especially good as it gives you coverage as well as sun protection. You should be looking for factor 15 and above.

Multitask Take multipurpose products on holiday. For cheeks and lips try a water-resistant tint so that you can wear it swimming. Top it up with a little gloss in the evening. You need to be careful, though, of wearing lip-gloss during the day as it can contribute to sunburn; most glosses don’t have any SPF. Try a light balmy lipstick if you don’t want to use a tint; the pigments will offer some protection.

Make-up that will last If you like to go swimming or you’re going to a very hot and humid place, you want make-up that will let your skin perspire but that still stays on. A lot of women, though they won’t admit it, go to the beach with make-up on. You don’t have to look made-up, but it’s nice to have a little coverage. For the face use a sheer tinted moisturiser, and concealer where you need it. To help your make-up be more water-resistant, lightly powder your face using a sheer colour, without any orangey tones.

Easy on the eye I tend to wear less eye make-up when I’m on holiday. For subtle definition, use a black eyeliner on the inner top lash-line only. Lift up the eyelid with your finger and draw on the inside, so you don’t have any visible colour on the actual lid. It defines your eyes as if you’ve had your eyelashes tinted. I love tube-forming mascara – it’s a polymer that sits on your lashes, unlike regular mascara, which paints them. This means that the mascara won’t come off when you’re in the water. And it won’t give you panda eyes in the way waterproof mascara can.

As the sun goes down For warm, light evenings, illuminating products are really good to pack. A shimmer eye pencil and illuminating gel to use on your cheekbones are very handy. Add a bit more bronzer, and sculpt your cheekbones a little. Apply bronzer under the chin where you don’t tan – it will even things out. Peaches and corals are really flattering blushers. Gold is a great colour for eyes

Beach head You don’t want to do too much blow-drying or styling of your hair. If you do want a professional tousled look, use straightening irons, but twist sections of your hair around them so it kinks in areas. This is also good for frizz. Use a salt spray for instant volume and texture. I like the Solar Sublime range by L’Oréal – it’s especially good if you have dry, coloured hair.


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