Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Antique Earrings for Woman

If you go back in time to Namibia some 27,000 years ago you will come to the birth of the human desire to appear attractive. In those days bird feathers and animal bones, seeds and dried sticks were used as pendants and earrings. Since most of these articles of jewelry were degradable not much can be seen today other than in cave drawings perhaps. But the prehistoric desire has not ebbed. From the time a girl achieves puberty or even earlier, her ears and nose are pierced. The wearing of earrings from an early age is still practiced in villages around the world. Antique earrings are therefore the commonest articles of personal jewelry found along with antique pendants. Egyptian jewelry among others has some beautiful samples of antique earrings in online shops.


Egyptian jewelry dates back to around 4500 BC during the time of El-Badari. Then came the golden age of Cleopatra, Nefertiti and the Pharaohs and the Greco Roman period when Egyptian jewelry flourished. The oldest among the antique jewelry from Egypt are probably the Fuluni Hoop earrings from the Sudan area or the Akuaba doll earrings worn as a symbol of fertility.


The ancient Egyptians were staunch believers of symbolism. This trait is reflected in virtually all ancient Egyptian jewelry. Gold was considered divine and symbolic of the sun god. Lapis lazuli was considered a sacred stone of celestial origin and symbolic of truth. The scarab beetle was widely used and symbolized rebirth. The carnelian was a stone that symbolized courage and great physical power. The blue lotus was symbolic of the god Nefertum of Memphis. He was the gold of perfume and the lotus that opened at dawn and closed at dusk was symbolic of divinity and eternal life.

When you go online you are amazed at the degree of care that has been taken to faithfully reproduce antique Egyptian jewelry especially earrings. You can buy a most attractive set of lotus petal and onyx earrings in sterling silver gilded with 22 ct gold or a set of Ankh earrings worn as an amulet said to possess unusual powers.


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